Firebird Silken Windhounds

Welcome! We are small family breeders of Silken Windhounds located in beautiful Falcon, Colorado.  We thank the founder of this charming breed, Francie Stull of Kristull Ranch for not only introducing us to this wonderful breed, but also sharing her wealth of knowledge in canine genetics and history. We had the privilege to meet many of the founding hounds that went into this breed back in 2004. We do not make the decision to breed these hounds lightly, but instead strive to learn and implement the best socialization and enrichment techniques, while maintaining the health and vitality of this emerging breed.

Silken Windhounds exhibit tremendous love, devotion, health, and intelligence which make them extremely versatile. You will see them perform in Agility, Racing, Lure Coursing, Conformation, Therapy, and even Service work with surprising ease.
We’re extremely proud that Firebird hounds have performed with distinction in conformation, athletics, therapy, and guide work.

Look around, we hope you’ll fall in love with them as we have…

Rob and Bobbie Deis