About our Breeding Program

We have a small family centered breeding program dedicated to spending quality time with all of our puppies to give them all the love and attention they need to grow and develop into devoted and cuddly companions as well as great athletes in the field.

We have a vigorous socialization schedule planned which includes…
introductions to as many textures and situations as possible including time every day with young children. We take them on field trips to soccer games, parks, homes with other pets, and environments that will stimulate their senses and give them a variety of experiences.

Before we breed a litter we research the health and temperament of the prospective Sire and Dam.  This includes going through all the health testing records and temperament testing done for as many generations as possible.  We keep our own database with Silken Windhound Pedigrees with firsthand knowledge of any health or temperament issues

As part of our puppy raising program, we implement the “Early Neurological Stimulation” exercises also known as “Super Puppy Exercises”. Click here to read more about these exercises.  We also have started implementing Avidog’s 97 Ways to Create Great Puppies.  You can get more details about Avidog at: http://avidog.com/products/item/97-ways-to-create-great-puppies/

Our puppies will be evaluated at 8weeks to determine Companion Quality and Show/Breeding Quality. The puppies are evaluated using temperament tests and structural evaluation. Following the evaluation of puppies, those on our Waiting list will be contacted about which puppies are available.


Future Litters