Kristull Natasha of Firebird

Natasha was born April 11, 2004

Natasha epitomized the term “small and mighty”. Only 18″ at the withers, she was one of the smallest adult Silkens, but what she lacked in size she made up in attitude. She would course with joyous abandon, even in grass well taller than her diminutive frame. On such days, she would disappear into the tall grass hot on the bunny’s tail, and then suddenly appear leaping high into air the hundreds of yards away to search for her wily quarry before vanishing below the tops of the grass and giving chase again.

In her later years, Natasha was content to act as the family cat, perched on the back of the couch or wherever else a patch of sun and comfy cushion would happen to meet, but the sight of a running lure would always draw her off the couch and send her howling into the field.

She was a great momma to our Fist Flight litter.

Natasha’s Pedigree and Stats